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New Membership Forms

For information and forms for new members, please click here.

Parent Information

Pony Club is for everyone who loves horses and wants to learn all about them! 

Click here to learn more about Pony Club and to view the really great 2-minute video "We are Pony Club"!

Paying Regional Dues

For information on paying regional dues, please click here.

Rally Entry Forms and Competition Details

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Certification Tests

To learn more about Pony Club Certifications, click here.

For USPC standards and tests sheets for the Pony Club levels, click on the appropriate links below.

Disciplines and Rulebooks

For information on Pony Club Disciplines, click here.

For Discipline rulebooks and newsletters, click here.

This information can also be found on the Rally pages on our website. Click here to access these pages.

Non-Member Waiver for participants who are not Pony Club members

For Non-Member Waiver (use for ANY activity, including unmounted activities), click here.